The Permanent Mission of Afghanistan in Geneva strongly support the work of ICRC and stands committed to a fruitful partnership.

H.E. Dr. Suraya DALIL, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Government of Afghanistan to the United Nations met with H.E. Mr. Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of Red Cross in the ICRC headquarter in Geneva on 9 March 2016.

At the outset, Ambassador DALIL expressed her appreciation for  the work that the ICRC has achieved for more than three decades in Afghanistan including support to detainees and helping them maintain contact with the families, provide assistance to the victims of war, supporting hospital, improving water and sanitation, promotion of international humanitarian law and support to Afghan Red Crescent. ICRC is  a well-espectec and reputable organisation in Afghanistan both at the government and community level.

H.E.Mr. Maurer thanked Ambassador DALIL for her courtesy visit and shared his experiences about Afghanistan since he was doing service as a diplomat in 1991. H.E. Mr. Maurer expressed that the ICRC remains committed in Afghanistan and the program of Afghanistan is one of their largest operation in the World. The ICRC budget for 2016 has been increased and the support includes areas such as water, medical care and humanitarian programs and are ready to work with the Afghan military and police as well as other stakeholder in the promotion of International Humanitarian Law. ICRC also promotes sport programs such as basketball and volleyball for people with disabilities and recruits Afghans to the extend possible for their support throughout the country.

Subsequently, Ambassador DALIL recalled that Afghan government in the country level a well as through its Permanent Mission in Geneva strongly support the work of ICRC and stand committed to a fruitful partnership.