Afghanistan and China aim to collaborate in the United Nations and other International Organizations mechanisms in Geneva

On 2nd November 2015, H.E. Dr. Suraya Dalil, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Government Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the United Nations Office met H.E. Mr. Wu Hailong Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations in his office in Geneva.

Both Ambassadors expresses their views on the time-honored history and friendly exchanges between the two nations that has always been based on trust, understanding and corporation among each other.  Ambassador Dalil acknowledged the recent cooperation agreements signed in Kabul during the visit of the Chinese Vice-President in November 2015 and thanked Ambassador Hailong for the constructive engagement of China in the quadrilateral coordination meeting on Afghanistan peace and reconciliation process held in Islamabad in January 2016 and the significance of peace and stability for the region conflict and its consequences has regional dimension.

On the issue of regional cooperation, Ambassador Hailong mentioned “One Belt, One Road Initiative” that aims to deepen regional economic integration, boosts cross border trade and financial flows between the Asian countries with the outside world. Ambassador Dalil while commending the initiative spoke about the Afghan business communities who have great interest to partner with Chinese firms.

Ambassador Dalil likewise thanked the Chinese Ambassador for their support during the UNHCR ExCom High-level meeting on Afghan refugee and throughout the process of Afghanistan’s accession to World Trade Organization. Furthermore Ambassador Dalil stated that there are numerous areas of cooperation for mutual benefit in area of economic and social developments between both countries, notably in the area of infrastructure, mines, industrial parks, energy and others.