International Labour Conference, was held in Geneva Switzerland

International Labor Conference, 103rd Session was officially opened by Chairperson of the conference on 28 May 2014 in United Nation office in Geneva.

The main agenda of this conference was to elect members and deputy members of the ILO governing body for period of 2014- 2017.

During this annual meeting the issue of unemployed around the world especially young unemployed, fair migration, application of standards, forced Labor, Transitioning from the Informal Economy were the hot topics among several other issues during this annual meeting. In the side events there were gatherings of ministers of non alliance movements with the chairmanship of Islamic Republic of Iran and the Solidarity for Palestinian workers.

4747 from 165 member countries at level of Ministers and Pre ministers were participating in this event.

Afghanistan Delegation was led by H.E Mrs. Amina Afzali minister of Labor, Social, Martyred and disabled, the advanced group of this delegation  arrived on 27 May followed by arrival of minister on 3rd , June 2014.

Among 200 speakers Minister Afzaly delivered her speech on 5th of June and emphasized on solutions for unemployed and under employed, labor migration, forced labor and child labor. In part of her speech H.E mentioned that the Afghanistan Government achieved the reform of national Labor law and other relevant regulations. Minster also announced Afghanistan 4 year social- economic development plan and exploitation of mineral resources and willing to develop the agricultural sector.

Mrs. Afzali also visited the Director General of ILO; she thanked ILO’s assistance for developing Draft of National Labor policy and expansion of its activities in Afghanistan and asked the continuation of its support to the country.

Over the course of this important visit to further deepen relations and friendship with ILO and its member countries, H.E. the minister met with  a number of her counter parts from Salt ant of Oman, Qatar, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and discussed about sending Afghan workers to mentioned countries. The brotherly countries welcomed the idea and showed readiness for signing MOUs and bilateral contracts in this regard. At the same time they emphasized on skill labors as well.