On 7th October 2015, in the course of the UNHCR ExCom, Afghanistan Delegation led by H.E Minister Balkhi launched its Portfolio of Projects. Over the past three years, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan together with UNHCR have co-led efforts to translate the strategy into tangible projects, to facilitate voluntary repatriation of Afghan Refugees mainly target needs target needs related to education and skills and livelihood development.

H.E Minister Balkhi in his statement stated that, The National Unity Government of Afghanistan has a strong commitment towards welcoming Afghans home and established enchanted mechanism for the coordination of return and reintegration of Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. In a statement issued during UNHCR's 66th meeting of ExCom, member States pledged support to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to create the conditions necessary for Afghan refugees to go back home and reintegrate.

Member States acknowledged the need for a regional approach towards identifying and implementing lasting solution for the Afghan refugees. The States also reaffirmed support for the Solution Strategy for Afghan Refugee to Support Voluntary Repatriation, Sustainable Reintegration and Assistance to Host Countries (SSAR).