Deputy Director of Asia Bureau of UNHCR visits Afghanistan Permanent Mission


On 23th July 2015, Mr. Azizullah Omar, Charge d’affairs of the Afghanistan Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office in Geneva, welcomed Mr. Ayaki Ito, Deputy Director of Asia Bureau in his office. In the commencement of the meeting Mr. Ayaki Ito extended his best wishes on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr and streamlined his upcoming visit to Afghanistan before the high-level segment in October.

Mr. Ayaki Ito, speaking of the high level segment stated that; in mid August the Executive Committee will prepare a draft statement that will include a solution for Afghan Refugees and a mechanism for the host countries. Prior the High-level segment, UNHCR will be hosting a ministerial level meeting to discuss and approve the Portfolio of Projects for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. In August the UNHCR local team will be holding tripod meetings between Afghanistan- Pakistan and Afghanistan - Iran.

Mr. Azizullah Omar while thanking Mr. Ayaki Ito for his overall update expressed his concerned about the lack of information on Afghan refugees in Europe, particularly those refugees who enter Europe via sea and risking their life. This life-threatening way of entering Europe often results in losing their life on the way to Europe and whether or not there is an available data on number of causalities, particularly of the refugees from Afghanistan.

Mr. Ayaki Ito said that UNHCR on annual basis is publishing a document on the refugee globally, which has a particular section on refugees from Afghanistan. He further added that there is now an established route from Turkey to Greece and then to Hungry for refugees intending to enter Europe and the UNHCR counterparts in European Union have reported an increase in the number of Afghan refugees as compared to the previous months.


Mr. Azizullah Omar notified that the issue of refugees remains a top priority for the National Unity Government of Afghanistan and the Afghan government is trying to further enhance the repatriation and reintegration process in the country. Afghanistan mission in Geneva is also committed to offering its full support to making both events successful.