The Human Rights Council 25th session

The 25th session of the Human Rights Council was held from 3rd to 28th of March, bringing together once again all member and observer states and none-international organizations to discuss the on-going human rights issues and challenges around the world.

On 3rd of March, President of Human Rights council delivered a statement and declared the opening of the session. Following that the High Level Segment started during which the plenary was addressed by President of the General Assembly, Secretary-General of the United Nations, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and President and Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Confederation. Moreover, during the High Level Segment which continued from 3 to 6 March, 94 dignitaries addressed the plenary, including 1 president, 1 vice-president, 1 prime minister, 4 vice-prime ministers, 40 ministers, 40 vice-ministers and 7 representatives of observer organizations.

Children rights, death penalty, rights of persons with disabilities, human rights defender, peaceful protest, racism and racial discrimination, freedom of religion and belief, terrorism and torture were the important themes and issues that were focused on during the session. Moreover, the human rights situation in Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Cyprus, Democratic People Republic of Korea, Guatemala, Iran, Mali, Myanmar, Palestinian territories and Somalia were discussed along the session.

In presenting her annual report on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan, on 26th March, the UN high commissioner for human rights mentioned that Afghanistan is going through a vital historic moment and has voiced her concern on the issues of civilian casualties, violence against women, children involved in armed conflict and torture. Following her statement, Afghan delegation expressed its thanks to the high commissioner for her report on Afghanistan and explained the steps that Afghan Government has taken to address the human rights challenges in the country and reaffirmed the commitment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to further protect and promote the human rights of Afghan people.

Furthermore, the Human Right Council considered and adopted the final outcome of the second cycle of the UPR of Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Nigeria, Mexico, Mauritius, Jordan, Malaysia, Central African Republic, Belize, Chad, China, Monaco, Congo and Malta in its 25th session.