On 21 August 2015, Mr. Azizullah Omar, Charge d’Affair of the Embassy and Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations visited the International Trade Center (ITC) Headquarter in Geneva. Ms. Arancha Gonzalez, Executive Director of the ITC, received Mr. Omar and his accompanied representatives in her office to discuss the future projects in Afghanistan.

Ms. Gonzalez said, “ITC is committed to focus on producing economic opportunities for the countries. Afghanistan is in our priority list and the center of our attention in Afghanistan is in three areas”:

1). Support Afghanistan accession to WTO

2). Provide services on sanitation

3). Giving Afghanistan access to Chinese Market

Mr. Omar while thanking Ms. Gonzalez for her update added that “International Community has always been a good partner of Afghanistan, but unfortunately some of the projects on the ground are not sustainable. There is sometimes duplication in their projects. Furthermore, people in Afghanistan do not only need information sharing on risk, but acquire practical projects to prevent those risks. For instance this year Heart province produced 125,000 tons of grapes of more than 70 types, but unfortunately due to inadequate access to market, lack of storage, and transportation facilities, those grapes did not reach international market.

Ms. Gonzalez praised the matter discussed and added that “We make sure there is no duplication in our projects. We sent team of experts to Afghanistan to make sure all our projects are aligned with the priority of the Afghan government and in doing so, we believe together with the Afghan government we can obtain results of our projects.

Ending the fruitful meeting, Mr. Omar thanked Ms. Gonzalez on behalf of the Afghan government for the active role of ITC in Afghanistan and expressed the commitment in supporting ITC projects in Afghanistan.