A message from the Charge d’affaires



Dear Visitors and distinguished members of the Afghan and International community in Geneva.

I have the honored to take my office as the Charge d’affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Switzerland and the United Nations office and other international organizations in Geneva on 23 July 2015.


The diplomatic relationship between Afghanistan and Switzerland was founded in 1928 and Afghanistan opened its first Permanent Mission in Geneva in 1985. Subsequently the Swiss Cooperation office in Kabul was established in 2002.

Afghanistan with its more than 3 trillion national resources, is intending to attract Swiss and Afghan Swiss investors in the area of Gemstones, Agriculture, Health, and Construction. In addition to that, Afghanistan can follow Switzerland as a similar and best example in the area of transit and construction of roads, tunnels and railroads.

Today fortunately better than before, the relations continue to be more stable and mutually accepted. Switzerland officially returned Afghanistan’s great historical treasures, among them is a foundation stone laid by Alexander the Great back to Afghanistan in 2007.

Ski development is another factor of bringing both Afghan and Swiss athletes together. In 2015, for the first time ski competitions were organised in the Bamyan Province of Afghanistan and Stain Marian in Switzerland. The event led to attracting a good number of youth with the passion of skiing in the Nowshak Mountain(7,492 meter high and the second highest independent peak o the Hindu Kush) of the Badakhshan province. Recently in the months of June and July 2015 a group of 7 skiers travel to Afghanistan and enjoyed ski from a 5000 meter high in the beautiful panorama of Afghanistan.

Our policy in General is to link the heart of Asia with the heart of Europe

The Permanent Mission in Geneva, which is home to the United Nations, numerous intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), 250 non-governmental organization (NGOs) and around 240 permanent diplomatic missions is working in the following sectors:

• Environment and Sustainable Development

• Humanitarian actions, human rights and Migration

• Peace, Security and disarmament

• Labour, economic affairs, trade, sciences and telecommunication

As the charge d’affairs of Afghanistan to Switzerland and UNOG, I will be working diligently in order to substantiate and further uplift the already existing good relations between Afghanistan and Switzerland as well as protecting rights and interests of the Afghan Community here. The door of the Embassy and Permanent Mission is open to every member of the Afghan Community and everyone else who is interested in Afghanistan.

On behalf of my colleagues at the Embassy and Permanent Mission of Afghanistan and myself, I extend our best wishes to the visitors of our website.




On 1st August 2015, National Day of Switzerland was celebrated by the Authority of the Republic and State of Geneva. The event was hosted by H.E M. François LONGCHAMP President of Council of the Republic of Geneva, Mr. Jean Luc CHOPARD, Head of Protocol of Republic of Geneva and Mrs. Marie ESTHE ALDER, Mayor of Geneva at the Parc des Eaux-Vives Restaurant.

Mr. Azizullah Omar, Chargé d’affairs of the Embassy and Permanent Mission of Afghanistan, attended this event. At the entrance, Mr. Omar was received by the Head of Protocol and the authorities of Geneva while the Swiss Brass band was interpreting the Swiss national anthem. Mr. Omar on behalf of Afghanistan presented his congratulation to the authorities and wish for further prosperity and peace in Switzerland.

Since 1891, the first of August has been celebrated as Swiss National Day. The date refers to a historic alliance concluded in 1291 by three cantons of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden. The ceremony was followed by a reception and a fruitful discussion with other representatives of the friendly countries